Search Engine Optimization Is A Competitive Sport

Getting your site listed near the top of search engines and directories is one of the best investments for web site promotion. Everybody wants to be found on the Internet. However, those who have tried know that the more competitive the industry the more the race to the top is a marathon rather than a sprint; once you beat a competitor, they try harder and come back. To be successful one needs a series of steps and approaches that are triggered at different points depending on competitive actions as well as economics. Of course you also have to watch what you do; how fast can you drive before getting a speeding ticket?


Nobody can guarantee immediate results or #1 ranking, but we can promise to implement the same methodology that has made our clients successful in very competitive industries. Furthermore, SiteCoach does not engage in "Black Hat" practices or tactics that may find you immediate gains in page rank but that will eventually get you in trouble or banne d by search engines.

SiteCoach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Include:

  • On site optimization
    • Review and optimization of copy on pages
    • Coding of tags (Title, H1, meta, other)
    • Site architecture
    • Crawlability of site (use of Flash, frames, hidden code, coding of links, etc)
    • Creation of custom pages tailored for keywords or engines
  • Off site optimization
    • Submission to the top engines and directories
    • Building of your site's link popularity
  • Monitoring
    • Monitor webmaster tools to catch search engine errors
    • Check pages indexed
    • Checking your site for dead links
  • Sharing advice and online marketing tips


That is the bottom line.


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